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An Innovators Innovator Shares 4 Criteria For Transformational Change-Part 2


Transformational Change  

Saul Kaplan Transformational Change

Saul Kaplan is tackling it.  And he has great insight to help us do the same.

In our continuation from our interview with Saul Kaplan posted yesterday, Founder and Chief Catalyst at the Business Innovation Factory, Saul explores two additional criteria for transformational change.  He’ll remind us that as we seek out a needed sense of urgency and joyful purpose in our work, that:

It's Time To Get Comfortable Getting Uncomfortable

Now There Are Some Great Lessons For Us All

  1. We need a sense of urgency.
  2. Things don’t last like they did in the 20th century.
  3. Remaining relevant requires a faster pace of change.
  4. The 21st century is both exciting with opportunity and filled with challenges.
  5. Playing at the margins to tweak is not enough - these times call for transformation.
  6. The goal is to get better faster.
  7. Its time to get comfortable getting uncomfortable.
  8. Passion is the secret sauce for innovation.
  9. Finding purposeful joy in our work leads to better solutions.
  10. Connect - innovation is a team sport.
  11. Inspire - Let’s do what we are passionate about.
  12. When we do we can change the world.
  13. Transform - We have to get beyond incremental and marginal change.

What Do You Think Makes For Meaningful Innovation?

Be sure to checkout BIF-8 the Collaborative Innovation Summit September 19-20.  I’ll be attending and hope to collide with you there.

Photo By Stephanie Ewens


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