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Can A Motivational Keynote Speaker Help You Drive Sales Beyond?


In times like these (as we wait  for the markets to open following S&P’s U.S. Credit downgrade), and even in the best of times we need to ask - What do sales people get paid to do?  Most believe they get paid to sell.  To write orders.  I disagree.

I was recently asked to share our Driving Sales Beyond research as a motivational keynote speaker during a sales meeting for a team of wholesale distribution sales people in the auto aftermarket business.  Here is a clip from that meeting:

We Pay Salespeople To Drive Sales Beyond
Said another way, we pay salespeople to take more from the market than tDriving Sales Beyond Graphiche market is prepared to give.  The best salespeople in the world consistently out sell, out manage, and out perform the competition.  They take business from the competition that would not have come to them if it were not for their skills, proactivity, customer focus, positioning, ability to add value - the list goes on.

Ten 10 Best Seller
My book on this topic, Driving Distributor Sales Beyond, Best Practices for Outselling Your Competitors is a National Association of Wholesalers Institute for Driving Sales Beyond Book GraphicDistribution Excellence top 10 best seller.  

The 197 pages of this must read provides researched evidence and best practices as to how top producing sales organizations Drive Sales Beyond.  The checklists and the tools in the Appendix provide specific roadmaps allowing you to identify your sales organizations areas of strength and the gaps that must be filled.

How About You?
Do you agree with the principles I discuss in the video above?  What have you found to be the key to taking more from the market than the market is prepared to give?


when that phone rings it's an opportunity --- every time!!!
Posted @ Tuesday, August 09, 2011 10:41 AM by Jon G
The best salepeople don't sell...they provide superior service so the customer's decision is based on the value presented to them that meets and exceeds their needs.
Posted @ Tuesday, August 09, 2011 3:50 PM by Patrick Meszaros
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